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There are several chiropractic techniques and treatments that correct dysfunctional joints and spinal pain. Gonstead chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective way to treat various common health conditions. Gonstead chiropractors aim to provide patients with the best possible care by utilizing a five-step comprehensive assessment process.

Discover how a Gonstead chiropractor may be able to help you feel better and return to living the life you enjoy. Gonstead chiropractic care is available at Victory Spine Center and the surrounding area. Call our office at 707-673-9509for more information or schedule an initial consultation.

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      Understanding Vertebral Subluxation

      Vertebral subluxation, also known as the subluxation complex, is a condition in which vertebrae are misaligned in the spine. Chiropractors define the term to include a complex of functions that interrupt the natural dynamics of the spinal vertebrae. It can result from a wide range of issues, such as a minor slip or a bump, a car accident, and sudden injury trauma.

      When a vertebra is subluxated, it puts pressure on the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and other areas around it. Muscles and ligaments around the spine also become twisted and strained. This blocks the natural pathways between the spinal nerves and brain.

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      The Gonstead Method

      The Gonstead chiropractic method is a system of comprehensive chiropractic analysis and adjustment. The method was designed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead. As an engineer, he designed the method using concepts from a biomechanical principle of physics, similar to engineering and carpentry. These concepts aim to understand the importance of building a proper foundation to maintain durability and a long lifetime. A slight change to the foundation can cause problems for the structure and, in serious cases, a total collapse.

      In the Gonstead method, chiropractors view the pelvic girdle as the body’s foundation. The pelvic girdle consists of level hip and lower back bones. When these bones are in their natural alignment, they provide stability to the spinal column. However, when the pelvic girdle or any of the vertebrae are out of their proper position due to vertebral subluxation, it causes dramatic changes to the body.

      The ultimate goal of the Gonstead method is to understand the needs and concerns of the patient’s treatment. The process also helps determine if the patient is eligible for the Gonstead adjustment, which solely focuses on the patient’s problem areas. For example, if the patient has a misaligned vertebra in the lower spinal column, the treatment plan will include identifying and restoring all the vertebrae to their natural position.

      The Components of the Gonstead Method

      The Gonstead chiropractic method goes beyond a traditional spinal assessment. This method is a much more in-depth examination using five-step criteria to diagnose a patient with a vertebrae-related issue. These criteria include:

      1. Visualization: This first step in the method allows the chiropractor to inspect the patient for any imbalance or posture problems. No external instruments or tools are used in this step.
      2. Instrumentation: When joints are affected by imbalances, they may give off detectable signals, such as heat and inflammation. The practitioner will use a tool called a nervo-scope to detect the differences in heat between joints.
      3. Static Palpation: This step helps inform the chiropractor that the patient is experiencing pain and swelling in a specific area. They press with their hands to detect where the pain is coming from without using much pressure.
      4. Motion Palpation: Chiropractors use motion palpation to test for impingement and imbalance- where joints struggle to function and what factors hold them back. This is the longest part of the process, specifically if the patient has multiple problem areas.
      5. X-Ray Analysis: X-rays are relatively confirmatory, but Gonstead practitioners have made some unique tweaks to the process. They take free and weight-bearing images of the spine to complete the picture of how the patient’s joints articulate.

      Through this five-step process, our team at Victory Spine Center can help locate the source of a patient’s pain. Once we have identified the source, we are able to develop a specialized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs. It allows us to not only treat our patient’s symptoms but also treat them as a whole person.

      Benefits of Gonstead Chiropractic Method

      Patients who undergo the Gonstead chiropractic method can experience a variety of benefits. This is in addition to other benefits associated with chiropractic care. These benefits include:

      • Better sleep quality
      • Improved neurological conditions and energy levels
      • Reduced pain and inflammation
      • Reduced number of headaches or migraines
      • Specific and accurate adjustments

      Gonstead chiropractic adjustments restore spinal function and eliminate nerve interference caused by misaligned vertebrae. This restores the spinal nervous system to function at its best. The Victory Spine Center team allows patients to get their body back to their proper state and perform in their natural state.

      What to Expect and Aftercare

      When a patient undergoes a manual adjustment using the Gonstead method, they will likely feel pressure from the chiropractor’s hands. The chiropractor uses this pressure to manipulate the joint into its natural position. The patient may also hear a popping or cracking sound from the treated area as the adjusted joint releases gasses, such as nitrogen and oxygen.

      After treatment, the patient may experience minor side effects. These side effects may include feeling tired or stiff and sore in the treated area. However, they should subside after a day or two. Some patients may need only a limited amount of treatment sessions, while others need to undergo treatment for a long period of time, depending on their specific health goals.

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      The Gonstead method is one of the most comprehensive and effective chiropractic practices used today. At Victory Spine Center, we offer Gonstead chiropractic treatment, giving our patients the tools and assistance they need to feel better in the long term. If you would like to experience the benefits of this treatment, call our office at 707-673-9509for more information or schedule an appointment.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the difference between the Gonstead method and other chiropractic methods?

      The three most common types of chiropractic care are the Gonstead, diversified, and activator methods. In comparison to the other two methods, Gonstead is the most comprehensive chiropractic practice. Through this chiropractic method, chiropractors are better able to address the whole picture of the patient’s problem, giving them the ability to have a thorough treatment and recovery plan.

      What are the risks of Gonstead chiropractic care?

      There is risk in every medical procedure. In general, chiropractic care poses little risk to overall health or worsening existing conditions. If a patient has a "red flag" condition, such as inflammatory diseases or severe osteoporosis, they should discuss their medical history with us to determine whether they are eligible for Gonstead chiropractic treatment.

      What is the difference between a joint luxation and subluxation?

      A joint luxation refers to bones that are no longer connected or touching, resulting in a complete dislocation. In comparison, a subluxation is the partial separation of a joint. This is likely due to a joint misalignment.

      How many sessions will I need to feel better?

      Due to the comprehensive and specialized treatment of the Gonstead chiropractic treatment, the number of treatments is determined on a case-by-case basis. If necessary, you may need more than one chiropractic adjustment to restore full and healthy function. It depends on how well you respond to treatment and if any adjustments need to be made.

      Does insurance cover Gonstead chiropractic care?

      Yes, most insurances cover the Gonstead method, as well as other methods. Depending on the patient’s policy, their insurance may fully cover treatment, or they may have to pay a copay. If you have questions about your policy, call our office, and we will be more than happy to review your policy and benefits.

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