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As a Spinal Disc Specialist and Chiropractor, we can identify the source of one's pain and recommend customized treatment to address it. We provide pain relief for a variety of conditions and go over how the patient can manage any symptoms. One such condition is a degenerative disc, which affects the flexible sections between the vertebrae due to the breaking down or damage of a disc in the spine.

Degenerative disc treatment is available at Victory Spine Center in Napa and the surrounding area. The degenerated disc can cause chronic pain in the neck, lower back, legs or arms. As the disc continues to deteriorate, pinched nerves and inflammation may also occur. Fortunately, Dr. Nick Viscusi, DC and our team can help provide the necessary treatment.

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      Degenerative disc

      Although the term degenerative disc disease is a common term, this condition is not a disease. It is merely a result, in most cases, of aging and the breaking down of one of the flexible discs between the vertebrae of the spine. As with other parts of the body, the discs in the spinal column slowly wear down over time.

      Symptoms of a degenerating disc include less flexibility, reduced protection between the vertebrae, inflammation, bulging and pain. Degeneration can increase the number of nerve endings in the area, which can lead to even more significant discomfort. There may be several reasons for the degenerative disc with each cause manifesting pain in different ways.

      As a Spinal Disc Specialist and Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Viscusi, DC will examine the potential causes to determine the right course of action for each individual, which can include benefits such as:

      • Addressing the source of back pain to minimize discomfort
      • Giving greater stability to the patient’s spine
      • Improving mobility for the patient
      • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
      • FDA Cold Laser Treatment
      • Making recommendations for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes
      • Chiropractic care

      Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive method of healthcare for both acute and chronic maladies. In many cases, chiropractic care is provided regularly to ensure continuing good health. A chiropractic alignment can correct physical issues. Since many conditions are chronic or caused by physical stress, it is common to need repeat treatment appointments.

      During a treatment session, we will examine the patient's symptoms and current physical health. Depending on the patient's situation and needs, we may perform an adjustment on a specially designed table. This process affects the connective tissue in joints, facilitates joint movement and helps relieve physical ailments.

      Degenerative disc treatment

      We can treat a degenerative disc with various techniques. Following an examination, the doctor may use one or several of the following methods.

      Spinal manipulation

      Using gentle motion, we will manipulate the affected joints to help restore movement. Spinal manipulation will involve either a thrusting or non-thrusting movement by hand. Alternatively, the chiropractor may use an instrument to help gently apply force to the area. In most cases, the patient is lying down on a table during this procedure.

      Manual therapy

      During manual therapy, we will apply direct pressure to the painful points to help relieve tension. Manual therapy may also include joint stretching. In some cases, we may use an instrument to assist with manual therapy.

      Therapeutic massage

      Joint massage can help reduce muscle tension and relieve joint pain. We often use this treatment in conjunction with other techniques. This type of massage is not like the kind you will find at a spa.

      Spinal decompression

      This technique helps to reduce the discomfort of a degenerative disc by relieving the downward pressure on the spine. It is one of the most effective ways to relieve the pain of degenerative disc and other spinal conditions.

      At Victory Spine Center, we customize our treatment plans to the needs of each patient. Upon arrival, we will examine the patient to diagnose the issue and evaluate the possible causes of pain. We will then create a unique treatment plan for the patient that may include the above treatments along with stretching, diet and exercise recommendations.

      With our treatment, we can help patients begin to heal and manage pain. Since aging can cause degenerative discs to form, we can help patients learn methods to treat those issues.

      A Complete approach to chiropractic care

      Our approach to treating a degenerative disc and other conditions extends to one's lifestyle choices, as well. We frequently suggest diet, exercise and stress management techniques that can help with mitigating pain and avoiding injury. This customized and comprehensive approach to treatment helps us ensure the most effective possible results for our patients.

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      Non-surgical spinal decompression and Chiropractic care is an effective and non-invasive way to treat physical ailments such as degenerative disc. Call us at (707) 673-9509 today to schedule an appointment and begin the treatment process.

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